Molise is one of the most underrated regions in Italy. Crushed between the most famous Abruzzo and Puglia, is usually made fun of, because it’s one of the smallest and less populated areas in Italy. Molise doesn’t exist, it’s usually said: Molisn’t. The truth is that Molise is one of the most beautiful place in Italy, and, also, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen (and i’ve seen quite a bunch of places all over the world). It’s wild, cheap and absolutely not touristic, the food is incredibly good, the wine and spirits aren’t bad at all either, the people is amazing and you can have breakfast on the hills, go to the sea for a fresh fish lunch, have a quick snack on a lake and then head to the mountains to have dinner with as much lamb as you can. Yup, all in the same day.

Matteo, the big guy in the picture, lives in a small village on the hills called Sant’Elia a Pianisi, and once in a while (ok, maybe a little bit more often than once in a while) I visit him just to chill and gain some kilos thanks to his mother’s exceptional cuisine. While I was there, after the usual pantagruelic lunch, he asked me if I wanted to see „his grandpa’s old car“. My jaw dropped when i realized that it was nothing less than a beautiful dark red Alfa Romeo 750. You can easily imagine my reaction when his grandpa told us to take it out for a spin, since it wasn’t running since a long time.

While we were rolling trough the village, heading to the hills, i could almost hear old people nostalgically sigh as the dream car of their youth was passing in front of them. Once we got out of town we just picked random roads, until we got into this unpaved one that lead us on the top of a hill. The sun had just set and the hills around us were vanishing in a thin mist. The both magical and surreal atmosphere made me feel like I time travelled back in the 50s. I had to try to capture it on film. To this day, I still think this is one of the best pictures I ever took.

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